Build-To-Order housing is referred to as BTO housing. This type of property is offered for sale in Singapore and is distinct from DBSS (Developed by Sellers) flats. BTOs are constructed by the government or state-owned firms, whereas DBSS apartments are constructed by private developers. The primary distinction between these two categories of assets is that BTO units have assurance and warranties for their quality, which covers both structural stability and material quality.

It could be time for a sliding door if you frequently have to perform gymnastics just to avoid hitting it when using your tiny toilet. In this manner, there is more area available for movement as the swinging door does not occupy space as it opens in and out of view with each use. Lighter materials like wood, paired with an enlarged track system that maintains its weight, make sliding options from our store easier to open than steel or aluminum doors would. It can add value and offer functional and visually pleasant advantages if you choose to install this kind inside your bathroom walls as opposed to on one side, as most people do historically. Hours of labor requires for a BTO renovation, and strict adherence to a long list of norms and guidelines is required. In this situation, you can contact BTO renovation in Singapore for the best service for your house. Let's understand more about BTO renovation through this post.

What Does Dose BTO Mean?

Build to Order, a flexible option provided by Singapore's Housing and Development Board (HDB), is available to anyone wishing to purchase a new home. The word build-to-order (BTO) is an acronym that stands for "build to order," which enables qualified buyers who are looking to move into a new HDB flat soon to apply from specific sites released if their desired location qualifies with 70% or more taking up 50%. If not, the building won't go as rapidly, and the tender won't be called until enough people show interest.

What Does DBSS Stand For?

Design, Build, and Sell Scheme (abbreviated as DBSS) is another name for this concept. The Singapore Housing Development Board initially implemented this in 2005. After construction was complete, the apartments would be developed privately and managed by HDB. These flats are supposedly better constructed than standard HDBs. However, they aren't furnished with a gym or pool.

Comparison of HDB apartments with DBSS Flats:-

A type of housing created by the private sector and offered to residents is a DBSS flat. Even though the Singaporean government has no role in this project from beginning to end, it retains ownership of the land on which these residences are situated. This can result in amusing situations, such as when you wish to demolish your house because it is too tiny for you and your family—only then do they need HDB authorization.

In general, a "DBSS" (i.e., developer) flat refers to an apartment building that is built or operated privately rather than by public entities like Housing & Development Board Corporation Limited (HDBC). The first difference between modern flats and traditional ones would be directly related to the building procedure.

The difference between a DBSS apartment and a standard HDB is that, unlike ordinary HDBs. Which are developed by the authorities, and DBSS properties are available for sale to residents by housing investors without any involvement from Singapore's Housing Development Board (HDB) in their development or maintenance.

A built-to-order (BTO) apartment is quickly rising in popularity as one of the most accessible and cost-effective housing solutions for a young married couple. If you and your partner just got the keys to your brand-new house in Singapore, Woodates carpentry services in Singapore can meet all of your requirements. Let's discuss why Woodates services are best for you in Singapore.

Woodates Carpentry Services for Carpentry & Full Renovation Work:-

Wood that has been cut, shaped, and placed is used to construct buildings and other structures. One of the oldest specialist trades, carpentry, is a major component of the modern building. Normally, walls, roofs, floors, and other wood-framed structures are put together by carpenters.

You will require the assistance of a carpentry company. A profession that includes a variety of woodworking skills is carpentry. Hiring a do-it-yourself is not the right course of action since carpentry requires the knowledge of a master craftsman who has the tools and abilities to accomplish the job at hand.

Carpentry Contractor

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Complete carpentry services are offered in Singapore by Woodates Carpentry, which focuses on modest to high-density residential buildings, including BTO HDB, condominiums, and landed properties. They strive to offer top-notch carpentry products and services and take delight in being their preferred supplier.

Why You Select Woodates Carpentry Services?

It could be difficult to manage personal changes in your home or place of employment. The carpentry services are therefore customized to your unique vision and what you hope to accomplish. You can trust carpentry services to deliver tailored products in the field of carpentry when you contact them.

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Woodates is distinguished and well-known for its following qualities:

Unrivaled Control

Many other carpentry companies lack the ability or infrastructure to provide high-level on-site supervision across your site. Since carpentry is one of the most involved trades in any project, it offers this service to you. Many other carpentry services lack the ability or framework to accomplish this. Their on-site carpenters answer to contract managers, who answer to the construction manager.

Superior Quality of Service

To ensure that the service we offer is of the highest caliber, all of their carpenters have received extensive training and certification. Here, a full range of carpentry services, including the installation of kitchen cabinets and wood and laminate flooring, are offered. The Woodates Carpenter carpentry team will do the work as required by your BTO HDB/Condominium/landed property.


Woodates Carpentry is a group of trustworthy carpenters that offers some of the best custom carpentry work in Singapore solutions. They won't just show up on time and with the right tools. However, it will also carefully accomplish each work. When you use Woodates Carpentry, you work with a premier, fully insured carpentry company.

Final Words!

Contractors first require HDB LDP authorization before modifying an old building. In other words, HDB regulations are more stringent than those imposed by privately owned companies. First-time homeowners frequently forget crucial details that might make the remodeling process go more smoothly.

There are numerous well-known interior designers in Singapore with in-depth knowledge and practical experience in residential and commercial interior design. BTO Reno Package in Singapore, on the other hand, can complete several jobs linked to the creation, maintenance, and installation of woodworking and furniture to satisfy the unique needs of clients.